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Encouraging Self-Confidence
Encouraging Self-Confidence
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Our community

Kung Fu Regina attracts people from many cultures who want the benefits of these incredible arts!

The longest running traditional Chinese Kung Fu School in the province, we strive to be a family-focused place that is friendly and enriching.

Located in the Chinese Cultural Centre, we're the longest running traditional Chinese martial arts school in the province.


We work with schools, teams and special interest groups to promote healthy lives through martial arts.


Our exciting performances entertain and educate. We dedicate hundreds of volunteer hours each year through our community and cultural activities.


We want to inspire others to lead healthy lives, and cultivate the Canadian Prairie spirit of strength, kindness and generosity!

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Kung Fu Parade Regina
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Kung Fu Regina
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Kung Fu Parade: Regina
Kung Fu Regina
Kung Fu Regina
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Our History

Our Mission: Wellness, Martial Arts, Culture and Mind

Our school was established in 1984 in Regina by Master Lee Chi Wai.


A product of his life’s study and research, he founded the Chung Wah Kung Fu System—a unique blend of traditional teachings and modern insight that seeks to develop each persons individual potential and offering significant health benefits. 

Master Lee currently teaches in Mississauga, Canada.



We have a dedicated team of excellent instructors who can guide you, with each bringing diverse life experience.


Chief Instructor, Sifu T. R. Mrazek, is principle disciple under Master Lee Chi Wai and a disciple of the Songshan Shaolin Temple.


Wellness: using the art of Kung Fu to improve health and quality of life.


Healthy living means learning about our health, our minds and bodies—making day to day choices that are moderate and balanced when it comes to nutrition, hydration, physical activity, rest, recreation, stress management and mental emotional/spiritual wellbeing. It also means learning how to strengthen and balance our health. Starting with the basics, we can show you how to gain more control over your health.  These ideas permeate every program we teach, but receive special focus  in our Tai Chi & Chi Kung programs and Naturopathic & Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment.


Martial Arts: using the art of Kung Fu for strength, self-defense and focus.


Traditional Chinese martial arts are a complete system of self-development. Choosing to dive into the ocean or walk along the shore, we can personalize our journey to find the things we seek. Fitness, concentration, stress management, strength and self-confidence are but a few of martial arts wonderful benefits. From the fast-moving, dynamic, to the serene and gentle, a wide range of styles and exercises are available. These are programs for ages 3 through adult.


Culture: using the art of Kung Fu for education.


Together, we perform the arts to help promote our school and to educate others. We share a culture of tolerance and inclusion, and one that promotes community through respect and cooperation.


The arts are built upon balance, harmony and our relationship to the environment. One of the ultimate goals is the refinement and mastery of oneself, so for the individual, learning about Chinese culture helps to better understand the way of the art.


Mindset: using the moral code of Kung Fu to think and act in compassionate accord.


The way of Kung Fu is a way of living. By understanding the life philosophies of Kung Fu’s teachings, we can apply the relevant parts to our own path. We are connected to one another and to our environment, so living well needs to take more than just ourselves into account. By balancing character, alleviating fears and anxieties, we can think and act beyond our own fleeting cravings. Create a meaningful and rewarding life, and serve as an example and helper to others.

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