Chi Kung & Tai Chi Benefits

Not so much of a secret anymore, Tai Chi and Chi Kung have well-documented, highly acclaimed health benefits and our program has changed many lives!


Health benefits of practicing Tai Chi and Chi Kung are numerous, including:

  • lower stress

  • manage/balance blood pressure & cholesterol

  • blood sugar balancing

  • weight control

  • better physical and mental fitness

  • better balance and flexibility

  • better circulation and reduced pain

  • reduction of risk factors associated with disease

  • promote longevity

We use gentle mind-body integrating exercises and movements with focused breath that strengthen the entire body. Our approach and content is not the same as other recreational tai chi classes offered in the city. If you're learning for recreation, that's great! But if you want to get more from your efforts, we can teach you how!

Tai Chi (太极tàijí) improves flexibility, releases stress and pain, and promotes longevity. The balancing effect of Tai Chi corrects many health problems. The curriculum includes basic skills and movements, a variety of empty hand sets from beginner to advanced, Tai Chi weapons sets from the Yang (楊氏) Tai Chi system, as well as several health Chi Kung (therapeutic breathing & movement) regimens.

This program is suitable for most adults of any age and fitness level. Our experienced instructors understand how to teach and especially love working with new learners!


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