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Japanese Garden
Program Descriptions & Details:
Tai Chi Class



Mondays and Wednesdays

In-person with basic health precautions

Twice weekly; $360/three months, plus registration & uniform T-shirt.

Gentle and easy, this is a nice way to chill out and recharge your energy! Learn Tai Chi exercises and forms. Beginners welcome! Tai Chi improves flexibility, releases stress and pain, and promotes longevity. The balancing effect of Tai Chi corrects many health problems. The curriculum includes basic skills and movements, a variety of empty hand sets from beginner to advanced, Tai Chi weapons sets from the Yang Tai Chi system, as well as several health Chi Kung (therapeutic breathing & movement) regimens.

Health benefits of practicing Tai Chi and Chi Kung have well-documented: lower stress, manage/balance blood pressure & cholesterol, blood sugar balancing, weight control, better physical and mental fitness, better balance and flexibility, better circulation and reduced pain, reduction of risk factors associated with disease & promote longevity. 

​This program is suitable for most adults of any age and fitness level. 

Tai Chi


Ages 7-12

Thursdays 18:00-19:00

In-person with basic health precautions

$180/three months, plus registration & uniform T-shirt.

Coming Soon: we're looking at opening more classes for kids. Please let us know here what works for your family. Classes will open based on sufficient interest.

KIDS get a great introduction to Kung Fu martial arts in this special program. We focus on developing fundamental motor, cognitive and social skills, and everyone has lots of fun! 

We learn to take care of our health and to be kind to each other while learning the three principles of Kung Fu: work hard, do your best, never giver up!  Strength, flexibility, self-discipline and focus develop through a wide variety of exercises, games and traditional Kung Fu skills. Kung Fu forms, weapons, lion dance steps & music, self-defense, healthy lifestyle, anti-bullying training are also part of this fantastic program at Kung Fu Regina!



Youth & Adult

In-person with basic health precautions

Tuesdays 18:00-19:00 CST

Kung Fu: Youth & Adults

Wednesdays 18:00-19:00 CST

Kung Fu: Youth & Adults

Saturdays 11:00-noon CST

Kung Fu: Youth & Adults

Fees: Adult & Youth Kung Fu

Twice weekly, $360/three months.

Add more classes & programming, as available, at corresponding fees.

This program is great for new learners that want to enjoy some great benefits of traditional Kung Fu right away, and perhaps, may even inspire you further as you recognize that you've embarked on what can be a full mind-body martial life journey!

For the inactive, this is a fun and meaningful  way to get back in shape, realign your mind and refresh your body with Kung Fu essentials!


Seasoned practitioners will also benefit by deepening their comprehension of key concepts and training methods, applicable to any style of martial art. Everything comes from the basics!

Strength, Technique & Skills covers all the fundamental skills of Chinese martial arts for total body development, including martial art technique, strength and power building, speed and reaction training, flexibility and coordination. You’ll also learn health-changing breathing skills that will give you more energy and strengthen your body. Health benefits are numerous.


Kung Fu Forms and Styles training includes empty hand forms and weapons, exercise sets and partner training unique to famous Kung Fu styles and Systems (e.g. taijiquan, praying mantis, wing chun, eagle, tiger style and others). This is another traditional training pathway of Chinese martial arts.

Self-Defense training is an important part of the art, and this is built into the program. The higher your level, the more you're likely to learn. We also offer occasional exclusive workshops and self-defense-only training sessions that beginners through advanced can participate in, either as an in-class experience or in a stand-alone workshop or seminar. Let us know if you're interested.

Kung Fu



Saturdays 08:00-08:30 CST

Live streaming on Zoom

$90/three months

CHI KUNG is the art of vital force. In this health-focused program, instructors lead you through simple, easy to follow gentle breathing and movement exercises to stretch and align your body, benefit your circulation and energy and more! This is an easy stress-buster with amazing health benefits! 

Health benefits of practicing Tai Chi and Chi Kung have well-documented:

  • lower stress

  • manage/balance blood pressure & cholesterol

  • blood sugar balancing

  • weight control

  • better physical and mental fitness

  • better balance and flexibility

  • better circulation and reduced pain

  • reduction of risk factors associated with disease

  • promote longevity

This program is suitable for most adults of any age and fitness level. Our experienced instructors understand how to teach and especially love working with new learners!



Other Fees *except Music in the Morning

Annual Registration $25
for all students, all programs 

Uniform Shirt (all ages) $25
for all Kung Fu & Tai Chi students enrolled in all in-person programs

Uniform, Kung Fu traditional complete set $175
required for intermediate & advanced levels, optional for all other students


Indoor program scheduling & availability subject to change, based on community Covid19 situation. We reserve the right to change or amend any policies as we see fit.

Programs with "basic health precautions":

  • Cannot attend/enter building if you have a Covid positive test result. You must be 5 days clear.

  • Cannot attend/enter building if you have any symptoms of cold or flu infection.

  • May only attend on your designated, registered days & times.

  • Masking: recommended.

Programs with "Covid Restrictions":

  • Must provide proof of full vaccination status prior to acceptance in the program.

  • Cannot attend/enter building if you have a Covid positive test result. You must be 5 days clear.

  • Cannot attend/enter building if you have any symptoms of cold or flu infection.

  • Masking: required.

Follow the steps 1, 2, 3!

1. Send us an email or call us at 306-525-5027 (leave a voicemail if necessary). Let us know which program you're interested in and when you're hoping to start. We'll confirm space availability, get you started with all the information you need, then send you back to this page for the final steps!

2. When you're cleared for registration, click the "Registration & Consent" box below. It will take you to an online form to complete.

3. Logon to your online banking. Add Kung Fu Regina as an e-Transfer recipient & to this email: Send your transfer for your total fees. 

When you're fully registered, we'll send you an email reminder with your program details. We're excited to help get you started!

Rules, Policies and Protocols: maybe boring to read, but it still applies to you. Take the time to familiarize yourself here.

Japanese Garden

Online Learning Centre

We're regularly uploading new and exciting content to assist you in your study of traditional Chinese martial arts! There's lots of material in the video library with lots more on the way. We also consider your requests that might include academic subjects: history, philosophy, medicine, cultural arts & traditions!
Subscription: $30/month or $300/year.

Billing Cycle: The date of membership activation is the starting point. Each billing cycle will go one calendar month from the activation date. E.g. You became a member on July 7th, your subscription month will conclude August 7.

Auto Renewal: Your subscription will be automatically renewed until your tuition credit or E-transfer payment credits have run out, or until you let us know by phone or email that you want to stop your subscription. If you pay month to month, this does not apply to you.
Refund Policies: There are no refunds once a billing cycle has started. If you've paid for more than one month at a time, you'll receive a refund for all pre-paid billing periods that have not yet begun.

How to Join: Click on the members login button at the top of the page and follow the steps to set up your account in seconds! You'll receive an email prompting you to send an e-Transfer, so don't forget to do that! Once we receive your payment your membership will be activated within 48 hours. Enjoy!


Music in the Morning Wellness Program - Free Program!

The Music in the Morning Wellness Program, created by Tim Mrazek & Helen Chang, is a popular program designed for seniors, combining gentle exercise, breathing and wellness training, along with joyful sing-along music segments. Mrazek (a Naturopathic Medical Doctor) & Chang (MD), are both senior level Instructors at Kung Fu Regina and have professional music backgrounds.

Free for all adults who wish to participate. Fridays at 8:30AM on Zoom and in-person sessions. Zoom room opens about 10 minutes prior to the session time. In-person sessions will be announced as they become available -- get on our mailing list to stay updated

2023 Session Dates:
Coming again in fall! On location at Victoria Square Mall Community Centre!
Details will be posted later in summer, or contact us to get on our notification list.

Zoom Sessions June 9, 16, 23, then resuming in fall. 
Details will be posted later in summer, or contact us to get on our notification list.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 719 4274 8748     Passcode: 096943

More on the sessions:
Our program combines easy breathing with gentle Tai Chi & similar wellness exercises that are great for improving energy and building health! We feel energized, grounded and feeling better! 

We recognize everyone is different and not always at the same level of fitness or coordination. Not to worry! We can adapt the experience to make it as easy or as challenging as needed for each person for a rewarding and meaningful experience.

Singing is a joy that brings great emotional benefit--something particularly useful during these times! It doesn't matter who you are, come as you are. We're all works in progress, so relax, smile and enjoy!
In the musical segment of each session, we also work our lungs and voices by singing well-loved songs from childhood,  campfire favourites, popular folk tunes and some classic oldies! It's about as much fun as you can have without the campfire!

This program is sponsored by Kung Fu Regina, SaskLotteries and the City of Regina!
Thanks also to Victoria Square Mall management!

Tai Chi Class
Acoustic Guitar
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