Adult Kung Fu

Our program is great for men and women who want to learn Chinese martial arts, and get fit and stronger too!


You’ll learn all the fundamental skills of Chinese martial arts for total body development, including Kung Fu skills, strength and power building, speed and reaction training, flexibility and coordination. You’ll also learn health-changing breathing skills that will give you more energy and strengthen your body. Mental emotional benefits are numerous.


Kung Fu is a true integrative discipline of mind, body and spirit! Although the main focus of the program is core foundation martial techniques, self-defense and application and some partner exercises are explored as well.

Students are promoted from this beginner program to higher levels at the instructor's discretion, based on social development & focus, technical proficiency and attendance.


See the curriculum outline for the upcoming learning module for all training levels here

Beginner & Intermediate Adult Kung

Mondays and Thursdays 6:00-6:55 pm 

Saturdays 9:00-9:55 am; 55 minutes

Intro to Kung Fu Session $20. Check here for the next session!

3 months: $365!
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Shaolin Kung Fu Regina
Kung Fu Regina: Our School
kungfuregina - jingwutantui
Kung Fu Weapon Sparring Regina
Self-Defense Regina
Kung Fu Regina: Our School
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Kung Fu Spears in Regina
Kung Fu Staves in Regina
Kung Fu at Wascana Park
Kung Fu at Wascana Park, Regina
Kung Fu Weapons Regina
Kung Fu Weapons Regina
kungfuregina Chinese Martial Arts
kungfuregina - jingwutantui
kungfuregina - jingwutantui
kungfuregina - jingwutantui
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Traditional Chinese martial arts
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