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Volunteerism and Generosity is one of the hallmarks of the martial artist. Practicing these virtues makes us better people--to our family, our community and society at large. By using our time and talents for the well-being of others we shift our focus from self-centred vision to that of a broader view.

The Kung Fu School is built upon a traditional family unit. Each member has a role and responsibility to fulfill. Naturally, students learn to care for their School as part of their own home. For those who don't feel so inclined to participate in the care and upkeep of the School or helping with the roles we play within the community, their financial support via a volunteer bond is an alternative.


Volunteer Bond: You pay this small fee each term. You will be refunded this fee if you perform volunteer work at the school or as part of the school's activities within the community. We want students and parents to be actively involved in the support of our school and volunteerism is an important way. The criteria to receive volunteer credits for each 3-month study term is very easy. Information is posted here or at the training centre.


When you complete basic volunteer duty requirements within the class term dates, your volunteer bond fee is carried over to your next term of study. If you withdraw from the program and have completed your volunteer duties, we'll refund your volunteer bond.

Volunteer Bond Exemptions: Kung Fu Regina may waive volunteer bond requirements for tenured, dedicated students who help above and beyond the standard requirements. These students will be informed accordingly of their volunteer bond exemption status.

These are some of the ways to Volunteer at Kung Fu Regina:


vaccum carpeted areas

sweep/dry mop floors

wet mop floors


wash toilets and immediate floor area

wash sinks and countertops


wash dishes, dry, put away, wash sink & countertop area


wash mirrors in training hall

wash mirrors in bathrooms & upper floor training centre

Recycling and Garbage

take recycling materials to blue bin in garage

collect garbage & to brown bin in garage

take SARCAN items to depot

assist with moving/removal of clearance items from storage/garage

deliver items to drop-off centres on behalf of Kung Fu Regina


help with distribution of promo materials as planned


help assist with the running of an event on or off site


participate in 

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