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Kung Fu Weapons


Longswords (劍) jiàn/gim

The longsword is one of the most important and revered weapons of Kung Fu. Serious practitioners will eventually seek out a fine sword that matches them well.


In the learning stages, however, the benefits of inexpensive sword are several:

  • light weight doesn't over stress the body and helps develop proper technique and flow. This is essential in longsword.

  • allows for faster performance & movement.

  • flexibility allows for early expression of proper technique.

  • are essentially maintenance free and withstand a lot of handling.


Lightweight Longswords used price $10 each (clearance!)

New price $45. These are stainless steel with flexible bodies consistent with practice sword action. They have basic wooden handles.

Collapsible Longsword $30 each (2 left)

Convenient telescopic, non-edged practice weapon with ornate metal handle.

Aluminum Longsword $25 (clearance!)

This is a heavier solid aluminum sword that was handmade. Further blade shaping is possible but its main intention is to serve as a strength development tool.

More coming soon!


Broadswords & Other 刀 (dāo /do)

The broadsword is typically the first bladed weapon taught in Kung Fu. It's very practical because it quickly develops strength, control and coordination--skills that easily carry over into all other weapons. The benefits of practice broadswords are similar to those outlined in longswords above.


Lightweight Broadswords used price $25/pair (clearance!)

New price $45/each. These are stainless steel with flexible bodies consistent with practice sword action. They have basic wooden handles. They are particularly useful for light sword use or in learning double weapons therefore they are being offered and priced as a pair. Singles are available for purchase at $15.

9-Ring Broadsword  $35 (clearance!)

Lightweight with wrapped handle.


Southern Broadsword used price $25 (clearance!)

Average practice weight & length with wrapped handle.

Sword Lot A (see photo) left to right:

Heavy Steel Twin Hook Swords $30

Handmade steel with brass handles.

Light Aluminum Twin Hook Swords $30

Handmade with basic handles.

Longquan authentic spring steel broadsword $60

Famous forge in China. W/case.

Stainless Steel Broadsword $40

Chrome plated w/case & flag.

Aluminum Broadsword $25

Medium-heavy weight for strength development.


Kung Fu & Tai Chi Fans 扇 (shàn/sin)

What's the difference between a Kung Fu Fan & a Tai Chi fan?


Sifu Mrazek: here we're talking about the fully functional, folding fans that are about the length of your forearm, as opposed to the woven grass/leaf non-folding variety or the types that are clearly artistic and decorative in purpose.


With the most common bamboo ribbed nylon body folding fans, the only difference is aesthetics. The designs and characters painted on the fabric evoke the spirit of the respective arts. In general, Tai Chi fans tend to be prettier or more ornate but functionally, they are the same.

Kung Fu fans with steel ribs set themselves apart as a heavier and more functional weapon. Fans that are light weight, sometimes plastic or bamboo and have lace, feathers or fabric bodies that extend to flow beyond the ribs are typically used only in folk dance.


Double Dragons - black $20

black ribs, black nylon, gold screened twin dragons & yin yang.

Double Dragons - green $20

red ribs, green nylon, gold screened twin dragons & yin yang.

Tai Chi - red $20

red ribs, red nylon, white & black screened tai ji & yin yang.


Staves 棍 (gùn/gwan) & Spears 槍 (qiāng/cheung)

coming soon

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