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Kung Fu Regina: Facebook Main

Kung Fu Regina: Our Tai Chi Facebook Page!


Chinese Cultural Society of Saskatchewan


The Chinese Connection (radio program)

CJTR 91.3 FM. Tune in or stream live, Wednesdays at 10AM CST, hosted by one of our favourite people, Sifu Helen Chang!


Chung Wah Kung Fu International

System founder, Master Lee Chi Wai and our Ontario locations.

Chungwah International's Facebook page HERE


Master Chen Run Cheng

Master Chen teaches the original Ancestral Choy Lee Fut System. Page not available.


Hong De Canada

Under direction of Sifu Michael Yong, this is a stunning performing team that does traditional Sar Ping Hok San Lion Dance and martial arts. Sifu Mike is a disciple of the renowned Master H.P. Siow.


Shang De Tai Chi Praying Mantis

Through the late Grandmaster Zhao Zhuxi, we share lineage with this Edmonton school that is led by Sifu Ben Ma and Sifu Bill Gee. Shang De on Facebook.


Wan Seng Hang Lion Arts

Master H.P. Siow is a leading authority on Lion Dancing and makes some of the highest quality lions available.


Zoot Pictures

2008 documentary, Path to Shaolin, follows Sifu Mrazek on one mile of his Kung Fu journey. Path to Shaolin on Facebook.

Hummingbird Crossing Bluegrass Band

Music and Kung Fu philosophy: not that different! HBX Facebook page HERE



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