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Lion Dance Equipment


Green/White Yin Yang Hok Saan Set $428

Used price $428; excellent condition

new price $790 & shipping; inquire

This is a high quality, hand-made split colour lion in the Hok Saan style. Comes with illuminating LED mirror and eyes, spare mouth and matching pants.


Lion Drums for Sale $100 to $328

These drums are used, in conditions ranging from restoration required to performance-ready and are priced accordingly.

Detailed descriptions of each drum are found on the respective video clips, along with pricing.

This is an especially good opportunity for any one wanting to develop their Lion drumming skills at an affordable price.

Note: new drums are available to order. Prices currently run around $500 CAD, not including any shipping or import fees when applicable.

Notes about audio/video clips: all clips recorded from same position with basic mic set up. Drumming technique used light to medium strength for even comparison on same drum patterns.

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