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Tips to Fully Enjoy Virtual Training

Warmup On Your Own! A proper, basic warm-up should take you at least10-15 minutes. Every class does a brief warmup of sorts, but we really try to dedicate the time for the lesson material. Because the sessions go quickly, we want you to get your maximum training value. So, until you've memorized a proper warmup routine, there are free videos available to get you started. Check them out here


Sessions start on time. We suggest you login around 5 minutes prior. You'll be placed in the Zoom waiting room until session begins. At this time you can finish up your warmup so you're ready to go when session starts.


Instructor Feedback: Occasionally, the instructor will have a quick look at the screens to see how everyone is doing. At other times, the instructor will announce Q&A opportunity, to be held at the end of class. At this time, you can turn on your video (if not already done), and your mic to ask a question or say hello! Outside of class time, you can ask your questions via email. Instructors are always eager to hear from you and help as they're able!


Zoom Tips: join with your mic off (muted). If you forget, we'll turn it off for you. This way everyone can focus on the information from the instructor. Turn on your camera. If you don't turn on your camera, we can't actually see you. This way, we can see what you're doing and can give you feedback while you train! Having said that, don't feel self-conscious. No one else is watching your little screen during the lessons--they're watching the instructor!


Archived Zoom Training Sessions: dozens of select sessions are available when you subscribe to our Online Learning Centre! Here you can review all the lesson material and workouts covered in prior lessons. This is an amazing library of knowledge waiting for you!

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