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Natural Supplements, Vitamins & Nutrients

If you're looking for an amazing selection of top quality, well-known consumer line as well as exclusive professional grade natural supplements and medicines, look no further!
Vitamins, minerals, herbal medicines, muscle and energy supporting proteins, essential fatty acid blends, daily health products for kids through adults, as well as some specialty items. 
These are only available for purchase in-person at Kung Fu Regina's in-house Naturopathic Medical clinic or at our online Naturopathic Dispensary for a huge selection of top quality, professional products at great prices! Click the Fullscript store link below and you'll be redirected to that secure site.
Set up an account is very easy, then you can see all of the items at great prices. Choose from hundreds of amazing items. Get it right to your door with $5 flat rate shipping!
Dr. Mrazek, ND:

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