Our Philosophy: under deconstruction

Learning Chinese martial arts means different things to everyone. We try to make learning at our centre enjoyable and meaningful. Whether you're here to be the best you can be, or just to have a little taste, here's some thoughts that might be worth your time:


Effort: the very name, Kung Fu, means time and energy. What you put in will determine what you get out of your efforts.


Course load: through years of experience, we've determined the vast majority of learners are subject to these realities:


If you don't show up, you can't learn. Sounds obvious, right?


One lesson per week: you're a recreational learner. Regardless of your reasons for taking classes once per week, your progress will be slower than average. We're not going to force you to try to keep up to the mainstream. Instead, you'll make reasonable progress and find the prcess of learning rewarding and enjoyable though a program suited to your needs.


Two lessons per week: you're average. congratulations. this is the sweet spot when it comes to learning well.


Three or more lessons per week: what's wrong with you? Are you Kung Fu crazy? Do you actually have a life? You know what they say about familiarity. Kidding aside, Kung Fu is about the long road, so pacing is very important.


more to come!





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