Policies and Training Rules





Before You Can Train: Student registration, including up to date contact information, waiver and consent form must be completed and signed. Course enrollment, issuing of applicable uniform/equipment items and full fee payment must be completed before you may commence participation in any of the programs.

Required Uniform Items: are specific to each program/training level and are required items for participation. Proper uniform must be worn in all classes and related activities.​

Additional Required Equipment Items: This pertains to specific training modules and/or training levels. Students will be informed when additional purchases are required for their training. Examples include, printed materials such as training workbooks, weaponry, and protective equipment.

Explanation of Fees

Program Fees (tuition): are listed per 3-month term. These fees include administrative and instructional portions. Program fees are conditionally refundable if you quit. See policy section.


When you first join the school your tuition may be prorated to the end of the current term. After which you'll pay according to the prescribed payment schedule as follows:

Payment Schedule: payment done in accordance with 3-month terms. For convenience, you may pay for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months at a time. We do not allow monthly or post-dated payment plans. Exceptions: visiting students, on request, may have temporary unique arrangements made.

Late Fees: we do not charge late fees but you will not be allowed to participate in the programs until your fees are paid.

NSF & other bank fees: You will cover any associated fees incurred as a result of insufficient funds or errors in money transfers.

Effective January 2021: Volunteer Bond: You pay this small fee each term. You will be refunded this fee if you perform volunteer work at the school or as part of the school's activities within the community. We want students and parents to be actively involved in the support of our school and volunteerism is an important way. The criteria to receive volunteer credits for each 3-month study term is very easy. Information is posted here or at the training centre.


When you complete basic volunteer duty requirements within the class term dates, your volunteer bond fee is carried over to your next term of study. If you withdraw from the program and have completed your volunteer duties, we'll refund your volunteer bond.

Effective January 2021: Volunteer Bond Exemptions: Kung Fu Regina may waive volunteer bond requirements for tenured, dedicated students who help above and beyond the standard requirements. These students will be informed accordingly of their volunteer bond exemption status.

Refund Policies: We understand that sometimes plans change. If you need to stop your training program and want a refund, these are the terms: 


Program Tuition Refund: Within 14 calendar days of class term commencement: full refund for all unused tuition fees less a $25 admin fee. After class term commencement (14 calendar days post), no refunds for the corresponding 3-month term. Additional pre-paid class terms will be refunded in full, less the current training term portion and $25 admin fee. 


Equipment Refund: Return of unused goods within 14 days must be clean/unopened/undamaged. Items that have been used or worn may receive a partial refund.


Refund Exclusions: Classes that have already taken place: no refunds. Class terms that have already started and are after the 14-day grace period that you are withdrawing from: no refund. Equipment and other items that cannot be resold because of their condition, and clearance/final sale items.



Hours: The training centre is open 15 minutes before the first class of the day. Arrive a few minutes before your class time to get yourself changed and ready. Classes start on time.

Absenteeism: As a courtesy, we appreciated it when you phone or email the school when you'll be absent from class.

Late arrivals: are a disruption to class focus. You may not be allowed to train in certain cases.

This is at the instructor's discretion.

Early dismissal: please inform the instructor before your class starts that you need to leave early.

Make up classes: not applicable.

Illness: Do not attend if you are ill. Help keep our centre a family-friendly and safe learning environment--this includes preventing the spread of illness like colds & flu. You may be sent home if you arrive with overt signs of illness. See also.

Official holidays: There are no classes held on statutory holidays.



Parents who drop their children off for classes must wait until they are certain their child is safe inside the school. Parents of children who travel by taxi or other service should also make similar arrangements to avoid having children wait alone outside a locked building.


Children waiting for pick-up are to wait indoors or at a designated safe area.


We strive to provide an amazing experience for all of our members. This isn't easy and requires the full effort from everyone.

Kung Fu Regina should be a haven; a place that is different from the rest of the world yet somehow fits in with the world.  We want it to be a place of:

diversity and inclusion

learning and growth --in all aspects of ourselves--in a fun and challenging way


Diversity and Inclusion: Our membership is made up of a wide range of ages, backgrounds, cultures, belief systems, lifestyles and orientations. 

When participating in training or Kung Fu Regina activities, you are asked to set aside your personal biases. Practice empathy, compassion, unity. Learn to forgive. Learn to accept responsibility for your own actions. If you can do this, you're welcome at Kung Fu Regina.

As such, Kung Fu Regina has a zero tolerance policy on harassment and discrimination based on a person's ancestry, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender, disability or other. Read more on what discrimination means here. You can learn more on Saskatchewan's anti-discrimination policies here.

We recognize that our experiences in life affect how we look at each other and regard ourselves. When we learn something new, especially something like the arts of Kung Fu Regina, we may very well be taking big steps beyond our familiarity. Start to open the mind and heart creates room for new understanding and skills.

What to do if you are mistreated

If you are being made to feel uncomfortable due to discriminatory behaviour,  you have the following options:


  • Speak directly to the person(s) in question. If you're not comfortable with this, you should:

  • Discuss the matter with any Instructor. This is the easiest step to clear any confusion or correct any inappropriate behaviour.


We must be sensitive to the feelings of others. We must be conscious of what we say and do. Try to avoid improper language that might be offensive. We're just human and will be bound to make mistakes. Giving each other the opportunity to learn, grow and change is important. 


Recreational drugs, smoking, vaping and alcohol are not allowed on the premises.


Food and drink are not allowed in the training area.


Students will keep the training hall and all parts of the school neat and orderly. This includes parking lot, entrance way, washrooms and change rooms.


During class, there will be no disruption tolerated, either from inside or outside the training area. Students are expected to behave in an orderly manner that is conducive to proper learning. No talking or improper behaviour is allowed.

Spectators, including parents, should not address or distract a student during training. No sideline coaching. Please remain as silent observers and allow the learning process to take place without interference.


Spectators will remain in the designated areas. Non-students are not allowed in the training hall without permission. The training hall is not a play area.


Non-students are not permitted to handle weapons or equipment.



In addition to the policies on Illness (above), this pertains to any communicable disease or condition that might possibly be transmitted to others as a result of participating in our programs. If this is the case, you are required to inform the training centre of such condition so that precautions may be taken. 


Individuals with communicable diseases must take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of others. This includes refraining from activities such as training, partner work, sparring, and so on when there is reasonable risk to themselves or others from engaging in such activities.


Bodily fluids demand universal precaution include any body fluids.  Precautions against blood-borne diseases include: Washing hands, covering cuts and open wounds, cleaning equipment according to recommended procedures, using disposable gloves, immediate cleaning of contaminated blood or other body fluids using rubbing alcohol or a 1:9 solution of bleach and water, or approved bactericidal or viricidal solution.

Furthermore, any other individual engaging in partner work, training, and sparring or other similar conditions where a reasonable risk exists to contract disease, has a right to know of the risk involved in order to make a decision according to their own safety concerns.




No member shall engage in political or religious solicitation with Kung Fu Regina members, or use facilities, events, contacts or System reputation to promote personal views or involvement.


Announcement Boards and desktop handouts: all materials must be approved before posting.



No member shall engage in entrepreneurial activity in conjunction with any Kung Fu Regina activity without having first gained permission from the chief instructor or school principal.



The skills of martial arts may only be used in self-defense, to protect one’s family or those who are defenseless. Martial artists are ethically bound to exercise restraint and self-control at all times. Martial artists are also legally responsible for their actions. The level of force should be should be both reasonable and appropriate, proportional to the degree of threat.




Students caught fighting or displaying conduct unbecoming that dishonours Kung Fu Regina and its members may be subject to expulsion. As a student of martial arts, you must behave in an honourable manner both in and outside the school.




All students should practice receiving and welcoming guests to our facilities. Please show the guest a place to wait while a student goes to inform their administrator or Instructor.




Students who witness a visitor acting in any way aggressive, confrontational or suspicious should inform their Instructor or any administrator immediately.


Unwanted guests will be requested politely to leave. They will be removed by force if their presence poses a safety risk to Chung Wah members and the police will be informed.


Students are not encouraged to deal with such matters alone.


All things we give to our body should be nourishing. Those things that do not fulfill this purpose should be kept in moderation.

Alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs of abuse are not part of the Kung Fu Way. These are strongly discouraged.


Ultimately, we each must make our own decisions in life, for the right reasons. Remember, Kung Fu is a way of life and a way of living.




Everyone learns different things at different rates. We are only human and making mistakes is an important part of learning but everyone is subject to being corrected when learning the Arts. This can be a distressing experience for someone not used to receiving criticism or correction.

Reprimand and constructive criticism are part of learning. They are not meant to belittle or embarrass you. If you make a mistake, you must be aware of it before you can overcome it. Being corrected is something everyone can expect at some point or another and is part of your development.


The good Kung Fu student will not offer excuses or explain their actions unless asked to do so. Simply take the advice, bow, and move on. Make sure you don’t keep making the same mistake. Make sure you learn from your experience.

The Chief Instructor is the highest authority in the branch and as such, the final arbitrator in conflict resolution, problem solving and disciplinary action.



Children, and sometimes adults, have difficulty remembering proper behaviour in class. Depending on the situation, the following remedies may be used:


  • Instructor clarification or reminder to bring student back on track.

  • Instructor reprimand and correction.

  • Prescription of physical remedy, such as push-ups, sit-ups, horse stance, etc.

  • Student memorization and recitation of applicable rules or concepts.

  • Student time-out, apart from group or outside training hall until given permission to return by Instructor.

  • After class discussion between Instructor and student or counsel from Instructor.

  • Other (see below).



Breach of rules and regulations regarding morality and ethics, conduct or behaviour in any Kung Fu Regina functions may be subject to disciplinary action.


Each member of Kung Fu Regina has an obligation to participate in the enforcement of these regulations. Any members observing a breach of the regulations should advise the offender of the regulations. Members are encouraged to report serious violations to their Instructor.


Any member who is advised that he is violating a regulation should immediately stop the violation.


Disciplinary action and its outcome depends on the context of the offense. Range of action includes simple discussion or reprimand, private discussion, or disciplinary hearing. The outcome may include remedial action, Instructor counselling, probationary term, suspended term or permanent expulsion. Severe cases of gross misconduct, negligence or criminal involvement, incur immediate suspension or expulsion, as well as a potential for legal action.


In order to protect the Kung Fu Regina and Chung Wah Kung Fu International System, disciplinary boards have the power to recommend the cancellation, recall or suspension of any certificate or degree obtained by any member who is in violation of System’s regulations.



Name and Graphics: The School and System’s name, logo and graphics are protected under international copyright laws.


It is strictly forbidden for any member or employee of the Kung Fu Regina and the Chung Wah Kung Fu International System to place the name or logo, or any variation thereof, including modification of spelling, shape, colour or design which might be construed as representing the aforementioned, on any article or material, that includes, but is not limited to clothing, tattoos, binders, training equipment, license plates, internet, advertising, and other merchandise.


Printed Materials: All publications and training information of Kung Fu Regina and the Chung Wah Kung Fu International System are protected under federal copyright laws.


Permission is Required: For any member of Kung Fu Regina to write or publish works that discuss the System, its founders, or its members. This includes pamphlets and promotional materials, articles, journals, books, Internet and videos.




No teaching, coaching or performing without permission. Always ask first. Pretty much everything you learn here is a privilege and is being entrusted to you under certain conditions.




Deliberate transmission of any classified information, methods or concepts regarding Kung Fu Regina and the Chung Wah Kung Fu International System structure, curriculum, administration and teaching methods, as well as research and development projects is a serious offense and such individuals may be subject to expulsion, and in serious instances, legal action. We regard this information as secret or proprietary.




Kung Fu Regina will not sell or loan personal data to outside parties on its members without their express permission.


No member of Kung Fu Regina is permitted to collect, compile or distribute information on members, past or present without permission.

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