Saturdays 9:00-9:30am for all kids ages 3-7 (course code: BK001)


Registration Form Required! if you haven't completed one yet for you child, make sure you do so. This is an essential step, along with program selection and payment delivery. You can click here, find the Under 18 Registration page link on our main menu or as a link from the Kids Youth & Teens page.


Selections: 1. Choose the basic program (BK001) until your child is assigned to the Superkids program. 2. Select the session dates. 3. Select the correct uniform size as needed, then click "add to cart".


Superkids extended sessions: We begin with a 30-minute session for our youngest learners. When they have enough focus, they will be allowed to receive 45 minutes of training time. The instructor will let parents know when the child is ready for the longer session.


Later on: Kids are promoted to our regular children's training program at the instructor's discretion, based on age, social development, focus, technical proficiency and attendance.


Read the information on Uniform Requirements, Policies and Rules.

3-7 years olds

SKU: BK20200302-0409
Uniform Requirement
    • School uniform T-shirt.
    • Students must have clean indoor runners. Sock feet are not advisable for safety reasons.
    • Pants requirement: plain black pants, no stripes or makings, supplied by student.

    Read general policies and training hall rules & manners below.

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