Classes up to three times weekly:

Mondays & Thursdays 6:00-6:55 pm

Saturdays 9:00-9:55 am; 55 minutes


Beginner & Intermediate (course code: KK010)


Kids have a lot of fun in this program! We learn to take care of our health and to be kind to each other while learning the three principles of Kung Fu: work hard, do your best, never giver up! At Kung Fu Regina, we teach young people lifelong lessons.


Strength, flexibility, self-discipline and focus develop through a wide variety of exercises, games and traditional Kung Fu skills. Kung Fu forms, weapons, lion dance steps & music, self-defense, healthy lifestyle, anti-bullying training are also part of this fantastic program at Kung Fu Regina!


Registration Form Required! if you haven't completed one yet for your child, make sure you do so. This is an essential step, along with program selection and payment delivery. You can click here, find the Under 18 Registration page link on our main menu or as a link from the Kids Youth & Teens page.


Selections: 1. Select your child's training level. Note: the advanced levels are graded and require permission to enroll, so choose beginner/intermediate as a default. If you're still not sure where your child is supposed to be, just give us a call: 306.525.5027.  2. Select the session dates. 3. Select the correct uniform size as needed, then click "add to cart".


Read the information on Uniform Requirements, Policies and Rules.

Kids Kung Fu ages 8-12

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Uniform Requirement
    • School uniform T-shirt.
    • Students must have clean indoor runners. Sock feet are not advisable for safety reasons.
    • Pants requirement: plain black pants, no stripes or makings, supplied by student.

    Read general policies and training hall rules & manners below.

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