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Kung Fu Training Belt

Kung Fu Training Belt


Essential training item for the serious practitioner! Belt colour selection based on availability. 


Current: blue, brown, black, yellow


These are traditional cotton woven belts. They're fully adjustable;) and can handle a lot of serious training.


    Washing is not done normally, but if you must, hand washin in cold water, air dry.


    Exchange only within one week of purchase. Item must be clean and in unworn condition.


    The standard for wearing your uniform is as follows:

    • All items must be clean and in good condition. Students are responsible to keep their uniform mended or replace when necessary. All items must be scent and odour-free.
    • Shoes: must be clean and properly fastened. Students supply their own shoes for indoor-only use.
    • Uniform Shirts: must be tucked inside pants. Sleeves may not be rolled up.
    • Uniform Sweatshirts: untucked, sleeves may not be rolled up during performances.
    • Traditional Uniform Tops: top one or two buttons may be undone for training. Only the top button may be undone if performing. Sleeves may be folded neatly up to the elbow crease or left unfolded. A uniform T-shirt or sweatshirt must be worn underneath, which is to be tucked into the pants. The traditional uniform top is not tucked in. Belts or sashes are worn underneath.
    • Uniform Jackets: zipped up to mid chest level with pockets tucked in. Sleeves may not be rolled up when worn in public.
    • Kung Fu Training Belt: is to be tied in either visible or hidden, fully-braided mode. New students may request tying instruction from senior colleagues.
    • Kung Fu Sash: must be tied to the right in a single loop knot. The longer tassel may be slightly exposed from underneath the uniform top. Sashes are typically worn with full uniform at special performances and ceremonies.
    • Pants: legs may not be rolled up. Pockets, when present must be tucked in and remain empty.
    • Other items to be worn as appropriate.
    • No additional markings, stickers, symbols, badges, headbands, hats, jewelry, adornments, and so on, may be added to any uniform item nor worn by the student while in uniform.
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