Medicine & Liniments:

Shaolin Analgesic Patch: for a variety of aches and pains stemming from hard training or daily strain. $10, box of 10 pieces.


Training Information/Handbooks

Student Training Log $5

Student Handbook vol. 1 $25



Path to Shaolin: Documentary on Sifu Mrazek and his pilgrimage to China with his Sifu and their connection to the art ot Shaolin Kung Fu. $15.


Hummingbird Crossing album, Charm. Recorded and produced by Andrew Collins. 14 tracks of toe-tapping bluegrass, folk/roots and gospel. Kung Fu Regina's resident members include Sifu Mrazek and Sifu Chang as part of one of Saskatchewans premiere acoustic ensembles.


Bagua (Eight Diagrams Palm) Dr. John Painter training series. VHS, good condition. $25


Training Equipment:

Hardwood Lion Dance drumsticks, new. $20/pr


Hand conditioning/sand bag: canvas bag, heavy sand. Discolouration is staining from martial art liniment & herbal medicine and is of no consequence for the use of this item. Good condition. $25



  • New items are fully refundable within 14 days of purchase. Item must be clean, unused and in original condition. Exceptions: audio/visual sealed package items, used items: no refunds.

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