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Medicine & Liniments:

Shaolin Analgesic Patch: for a variety of aches and pains resulting from hard training or daily daily life or other mishap. $10, box of 10 pieces.


Training Information/Handbooks:

Student Training Log $5

Student Handbook vol. 1 $25



Path to Shaolin: Documentary on Sifu Mrazek and his pilgrimage to China with his Sifu and their connection to the art ot Shaolin Kung Fu. $15.


Hummingbird Crossing album, Charm. Recorded and produced by Andrew Collins. 14 tracks of toe-tapping bluegrass, folk/roots and gospel. Kung Fu Regina's resident members include Sifu Mrazek and Sifu Chang as part of one of Saskatchewans premiere acoustic ensembles.


Training Equipment:

Hardwood Lion Dance drumsticks, new. $20/pr


Hand conditioning/sand bag: canvas bag, heavy sand. Discolouration is staining from martial art liniment & herbal medicine and is of no consequence for the use of this item. Good condition. $25



    New items are fully refundable within 14 days of purchase. Item must be clean, unused and in original condition. Exceptions: audio/visual sealed package items, used items: no refunds.

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