Occasionally we get folks really keen on learning sparring, street self-defense and the touch of death.


We want you to be happy in our program, so it's best you know where we're coming from so you can figure out if we're a good fit or not. 

If you join Kung Fu Regina, this is what you can expect in terms of hands-on skill development:

We view self-defense as an essential skill for a martial artist. It's important as a martial artist to have a level of competency in how the art is used and being able to keep oneself safer is always a good thing! As such, self-defense training is covered in each of our core martial arts programs and is included, in varying degrees, in every one of our curriculum modules.


This gives each student a starting point in their abilities, but our main focus at the beginning learning stages is the universal principles of movement and how to transform the mind and body to function to a higher potential. Like building a house, we're starting with a very strong foundation and framework. From that point, we have lots of freedom how we subdivide the rooms and what kind of finishing elements we can use.

To enhance self-defense skills further, we also offer self-contained, stream-lined training through additional work-shops and seminars that our students participate in according to their preference. These are exclusive programs for adults, women/men-only programs, teens, use of weaponry, family safeguarding and more. Private or small group instruction is also available.

TBA: inquire about upcoming Self-Defense workshops.

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