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Our Program

We offer a one of a kind training system, designed by our founder, Master Lee Chi Wai after a lifetime of research and study. Collaborating with his own teachers--each renown for their expertise in various areas of the arts--these broadminded individuals encouraged Master Lee to take the traditional arts into the next era, spreading beyond China and Asia to new lands and cultures.

(more on Master Lee Chi Wai coming soon)

His goal was to create a complete system of learning--combat and self-defense, artistic and inner refinement, philosophy, medicine and healing and the internal vital force practice of Chi Kung. He sought a science-based system that used traditional teachings and skills that could bring predictable and repeatable success, taking learners through to advanced levels with proper practice.


Chung Wah Kung Fu International System: The system is not limited to a single culture but based on the structure and function of the human body. As the eclectic system took shape, Master Lee discarded name references to a specific family, style or school of martial arts, choosing "Chung Wah", alluding to the beauty and essence of China.


Martial Arts Training Programs

For our discussion today, we'll focus on our two main programs: The Foundation Kung Fu Training Program, and the Kung Fu Style Training Program. While most martial arts adepts are familiar with the concept of the style-based approach, it's the first program that is of particular importance, as this is our starting point.


Here's a look at the curriculum overview of the Foundation Training Program. you'll see that it's not based on a single style or kung fu system, although I've taken the time to highlight some items and indicate some of their shared origins. Techniques fall broadly into these three categorises, but there is considerable overlap. For example, our warm-up training skills are fundamental movement principles but also link to the core martial skills, and are also integrative in nature, serving to tune not only the muscle system, but also the nervous system and jingluo meridian system.

Universal Human-based Skill

Core Martial Skills

Integrative Martial Training and Five Element Theory applied

Entry Level  入門班 Passing mark : 55%

柔順關節功:七法 7-Section Joint Warm Up

調氣理血養心功 Internal & Circulation

壓彈腿功:四法 4 Leg Stretches

 柔腿操:兩法 2 Swing Kick Exercises

定步溜腿:六法 6 Stationary Stretch Kicks 

手架拳法:手四法 4 Empty Hand Techniques

 練馬功:五輪馬 5 Basic Stance Training Set

五輪腰馬功 5 Body Wheel Waist Training

直拳:五法 5 Basic Punching Techniques

五部圓律功 (初) Fundamental Orbit Training

初级獅藝班 Fundamental Cultural Martial


千斤大力功 Super Force Total Power Training

"Our foundation training, with curriculum derived from both Northern and Southern styles of Kung Fu, is largely based upon Chinese Five-Element theory. According to this, every human motion corresponds to one of five fundamental types of movement, directions, forces, balance points, and so on. By applying these principles, we develop sound body mechanics, balance, coordination, and power generation capability."

We have advanced training opportunities in traditional kung fu styles. The program covers select material from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, including empty hand, weapon, fighting sets and internal developmental exercise training in various famous Kung Fu styles. In some styles, we offer the complete curriculum with instructor's certification opportunities.


The materials in our system are authentic, and derived from the original lineage or acknowledged authorative sources. You cannot learn this from the internet or a book.


Some famous styles we offer: Yang Family Tai Chi System, Wudang Tai Chi System, Eight Diagrams Palm, Bajiquan, Hung Gar, Choy Lee Fut, Wing Chun (Yip Man HK system and White Crane Systems), Praying Mantis Systems (various), Songshan Shaolin System, Southern Shaolin & Animal Systems, Eagle Claw, Lee Family, drunken styles, Jing Wu System & others.


In our philosophy, Kung Fu styles are viewed as secondary to the universal skills they're built on. Our unique Foundation Training Program is the focal point.


This material is normally available for experienced practitioners. Beginners are highly recommended to focus on our Foundation Training Program, which offers complete development and many benefits.



white crane wing chun


weapons training


plum flower praying mantis


praying mantis styles


southern fist


shaolin style

hung gar

hung gar


weapons training

iron palm

martial arts chi kung

shaolin broadsword

shaolin broadsword




choy lee fut


internal kung fu styles

crane wing knives

crane wing knives



tai chi pose

tai chi

traditional fw

traditional training sets

choy lee fut - cat

choy lee fut

shaolin style

shaolin style


ancient forms

performance tt

performances & tournaments


dragon style


kung fu staff

tc ls

tai chi longsword


group form


jow gar style

Chi Kung (氣功 qìgōng) is a unique breathing skill, combined with natural, relaxed structural alignment, that naturally builds one’s vitality. This skill is the basis of internal health development. These skills are applied to the practice of all our our Chinese martial arts styles, including Tai Chi.

The study of Chi Kung may be divided into five specialized areas: Health and Wellness, Longevity Training, Medicine & Therapeutic Application, Martial and Spiritual. Health Chi Kung sets are taught in each of our programs as well as offered through period workshops and seminars, or through private study. Various methods of Martial Arts Chi Kung training is done in the adult programs. Other specialized training may be offered through private study or seminars.

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