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Training Equipment under construction


Sparring Gear & Protective Equipment

Hand Wraps

Soft & stretchy Boes hand wraps. Yellow $10/pr

Foot Protectors

Boes foam protection, 3 sizes.  $10/pr (reduced, regular $20)

Hand Protectors

Boes foam protection, 3 sizes.  $10/pr (reduced, regular $20)

Shin Protectors

Boes foam protection, 3 sizes.  $10/pr (reduced, regular $20)

Headgear - Full

$50 (reduced, regular $75)

Fei Yue Kung Fu Shoes

One of the best shoes for the money. Where they lack in arch support they make up in their light weight, flexibility and amazing indoor surface grip. Limited sizes in stock, inquire.  $25/pr (reduced, regular $30)

Conditioning & Strength

Martial Monk Pain Relief Plaster $10/box

Master Lee's healing secrets from Shaolin. Great for daily aches & pains, bumps & bruises or soreness from hard training.

Canvas Sand Bag $20

used, has rust stains, no concerns for additional use. Sand-filled, approx. 25 lbs. Good for punching or hand conditioning.

Accessories & Media

Music CD: Hummingbird Crossing, Charm $20

Features two of KFR master instructors along with their folk/roots/bluegrass ensemble members! Features award-winning original songs and a couple of great covers.

Path to Shaolin DVD $20

Filmed by Zoot Pictures, this is a glimpse into a part of Sifu Mrazek's Kung Fu journey and commitment to the art as he goes on his first pilgrimage to Shaolin with his teacher, Master Lee Chi Wai.

Daily Practice Log $5

An original design by KFR and super useful to track your daily training efforts!

Student Handbook $25 plus $10/package

This is a limited edition binder, filled with theory, philosophy and all kinds of information on who we are and what we do as martial artists and members of KFR. $25 handbook includes basic package & Level 1 info. You can purchase additional levels of information for $10 based on your tenure and graded levels. 

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