Policies and Training Rules


Before Training: Student registration, including up to date contact information, waiver and consent form must be completed and signed. Course enrollment, issuing of applicable uniform/equipment items and full fee payment must be completed before you may commence participation in any of the programs.

Required Uniform Items: are specific to each program/training level and are required items for participation. Proper uniform must be worn in all classes and related activities.​

Additional Required Equipment Items: This pertains to specific training modules and/or training levels. Students will be informed when additional purchases are required for their training. Examples include, printed materials such as training workbooks, weaponry, and protective equipment.

Explanation of Fees

Program Fees (tuition): are listed per 3-month term. These fees include administrative and instructional portions. Program fees are conditionally refundable if you quit. See policy section.


When you first join the school your tuition may be prorated to the end of the current term. After which you'll pay according to the prescribed payment schedule as follows:

Payment Schedule: payment done in accordance with 3-month terms. For convenience, you may pay for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months at a time. We do not allow monthly or post-dated payment plans. Exceptions: visiting students, on request, may have temporary unique arrangements made.

Late Fees: we do not charge late fees but you will not be allowed to participate in the programs until your fees are paid.

NSF & other bank fees: You will cover any associated fees incurred as a result of insufficient funds or errors in money transfers.

Effective January 2021: Volunteer Bond: You pay this small fee each term. You will be refunded this fee if you perform volunteer work at the school or as part of the school's activities within the community. We want students and parents to be actively involved in the support of our school and volunteerism is an important way. The criteria to receive volunteer credits for each 3-month study term is very easy. Information is posted here or at the training centre.


When you complete basic volunteer duty requirements within the class term dates, your volunteer bond fee is carried over to your next term of study. If you withdraw from the program and have completed your volunteer duties, we'll refund your volunteer bond.

Effective January 2021: Volunteer Bond Exemptions: Kung Fu Regina may waive volunteer bond requirements for tenured, dedicated students who help above and beyond the standard requirements. These students will be informed accordingly of their volunteer bond exemption status.

Refund Policies: We understand that sometimes plans change. If you need to stop your training program and want a refund, these are the terms: 


Program Tuition Refund: Within 14 calendar days of class term commencement: full refund for all unused tuition fees less a $25 admin fee. After class term commencement (14 calendar days post), no refunds for the corresponding 3-month term. Additional pre-paid class terms will be refunded in full, less the current training term portion and $25 admin fee. 


Equipment Refund: Return of unused goods within 14 days must be clean/unopened/undamaged. Items that have been used or worn may receive a partial refund.


Refund Exclusions: Classes that have already taken place: no refunds. Class terms that have already started and are after the 14-day grace period that you are withdrawing from: no refund. Equipment and other items that cannot be resold because of their condition, and clearance/final sale items.



Hours: The training centre is open 15 minutes before the first class of the day. Arrive a few minutes before your class time to get yourself changed and ready. Classes start on time.

Absenteeism: As a courtesy, we appreciated it when you phone or email the school when you'll be absent from class.

Late arrivals: are a disruption to class focus. You may not be allowed to train in certain cases.

This is at the instructor's discretion.

Early dismissal: please inform the instructor before your class starts that you need to leave early.

Make up classes: not applicable.

Illness: Do not attend if you are ill. Help keep our centre a family-friendly and safe learning environment--this includes preventing the spread of illness like colds & flu. You may be sent home if you arrive with overt signs of illness.

Official holidays: There are no classes held on statutory holidays.



​Treat others with kindness. Learn the proper etiquette for Chinese martial arts: how and when to bow, how to address an instructor or senior rank and how to ask and answer questions.

Students must bow when greeting instructors, when entering/exiting the training area, at the start and conclusion of training sessions. The proper method of bowing will be taught to students.


Be on time and ready before the beginning of a class.

During training, there is no unnecessary talking without permission.

Don’t leave the training area without permission.

Use of school equipment is by permission only.

Parents & observers shall not disrupt the focus of the class when in session.


These terms of address are used at all times, in and out of the school. Cantonese and Mandarin pronunciations are listed.

Sifu / Shī Fū: the school’s master or a Kung Fu master.

Simo / Shī Mǔ: Sifu’s wife; as spouse or as teacher.

Sigu / Shī Gū: Polite term of address for an elder Kung Fu aunt.

Si Hing / Shī Xiōng: Polite term of address to any male classmate.

Si Je / Shī Jiě: Polite term of address to any female classmate.


Other basic Kung Fu behaviour and manners are displayed in the School or taught orally. Students will learn these and follow these accordingly.

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