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COVID19 update: We miss you too! 
We're taking some time over the summer to make sure we have everything in place to keep everyone safe. As of mid June, it's not feasible to try to reopen while adhering to the guidelines for our facility. We're aiming for after Labour Day. Patience is a virtue! And in the meantime, we can get you training through the other avenues outlined on this page. Stay well and thanks for doing your part to protect our community!
Kung Fu Regina: Regina's premier choice in traditional Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Self-Defense programs! It's all here!
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Join us for some fun and rewarding online learning sessions, right from your own home!


This subscription unlocks access to a wealth of materials not found anywhere else! Hand forms, weapons, combat, internal training, medicine, philosophy and more!


This exclusive collection is perfect for distance learning or to acquire even more to deepen your skills! 

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There's a pile of videos that correspond to our recent curriculum module on this channel, so enjoy!

Want more detail? Subscribe to the Members-Only Learning Centre!

Acoustic Guitar

Music in the Morning combines easy breathing, gentle Tai Chi and wellness exercises that are great for improving your energy and building your health!


We'll also work our lungs and voices, singing well-loved songs from childhood,  classic oldies, campfire and popular folk tunes! 

Aimed at seniors, this is a free, live, online session held every Monday at 4:00!

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