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Kung Fu Regina


COVID19: We continue to strive for safe classes for everyone, offering a variety of ways to participate in-person and online. Due to limited space, in-person enrollment is capped.  See more information here
Kung Fu Regina: Regina's premier choice in traditional Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Self-Defense programs! It's all here!

Modern Heros

At Kung Fu Regina, along with fitness and wellbeing, we want our young people to have good focus and excellent social skills.

Kids and youth learn the art through fun and challenging steps.

Indoor sessions currently for:

Traditional Kung Fu martial arts, Kids, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Music in the Morning Wellness.

Girls Doing Push Ups

A safe, private and convenient way to learn!

Traditional Kung Fu martial arts, Kids, Tai Chi
and Chi Kung.

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This paid subscription service unlocks access to a wealth of materials not found anywhere else! Hand forms, weapons, combat, internal training, medicine, philosophy and more await in our members-only Online Learning Centre!


This exclusive collection is perfect for youth and adults, distance learning or dive-in deep study! 

Fitness at Home

There's a pile of videos that correspond to our recent curriculum module on our Kung Fu Regina Training Area Channel, so enjoy!


Want even more? Subscribe to our members-only Online Learning Centre!

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Music in the Morning Wellness Program is a free, live experience designed for seniors.

Acoustic Guitar

Participants learn some easy breathing, gentle  wellness exercises and some Naturopathic Medicine concepts that are great for improving energy and health!


Give your lungs and voice a workout too, singing well-loved songs from childhood, classic oldies, campfire and popular folk tunes! 

Sponsored by Sask Lotteries, the City of Regina and Kung Fu Regina.

kungfuregina lion dance

Contact Kung Fu Regina

Phone us!  306-525-5027


Send an Email: we'll respond as promptly as possible!

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