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FAQs & Quick Tips

What gear do I need to buy?

As you progress through different training levels, and enroll in different classes, the uniform and equipment requirements will be shared with you.

There's also many optional training equipment, weapons, study manuals and clothing items available to you anytime!

I'm new. What should I do when I get there?

On arrival, place your outdoor footwear on the racks. Secure your belongings & hang your coat.

Relax in the library for a few minutes until class time. Enter the training spaces when it's your class time. All classes are 55 minutes. 

We'll do our best to make you feel welcome!

Do We Get Water Breaks?

Enjoy a water break before and after your training session. Once the session starts, please follow protocol for excusing yourself if you wish to leave the training space.

What if I Miss My Class

Any classes that are missed or cancelled within the 8 hr window will still be taken off of your account. 

We do not offer make-up classes.

Can I Extend a Pass Expiry?

Yes! We're pleased to offer the following:

1 month expiry pass: 1 week extension

5 Class Pass (3 month): 2 week extension

10 Class Pass (6 month): 4 week extension

20 Class Pass (12 month): 6 week extension

Medical or extenuating situations: we'll freeze you passes for up to one year.  Please contact the office to discuss your situation.

5 Tips for Just Starting Out

1. Park along Halifax Street and adjacent 11th Avenue. Note posted hours & meters if you're attending daytime sessions.

2. Park smart, never leave anything of value visible in your vehicle. At night especially, safer to walk in groups. Never be shy about asking one of our staff to walk you to your vehicle!

3. Arrive 5-10 minutes before class time to get settled.

4. Remember your indoor-only footwear.

5. We don't have lockers; only bring what you need.

Class Go/No-Go Policies

Drop-In Classes will be cancelled within the 2-hours notice if there are less than 3 people registered. The fee will refunded back to your account.

Refund Policies

All passes, programs and event access purchases are non-refundable and non-transferrable. 

Cancellations made at least 8 hours prior to drop-in will be credited back to your account. 

You can read all the policies here.

Did you know?  Kung Fu 功夫 (also spelled, gongfu) means, 'through proper effort, the attainment of a skill or mastery of something really profound' (like yourself!). Time and energy.


Improved Physical Fitness

Build strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance.

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

Calm and destress, develop mental focus and discipline, which can help you better manage stress in your daily life.

Self-Defense Skills

Kung Fu training teaches you practical and effective techniques for defending yourself in real-life situations.

Mental Clarity & Focus

This training can also help you develop mental clarity and focus. It teaches you to be present in the moment and develop a strong mind-body connection.

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