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Appointments, Fees & Policies

We are accepting a limited numbers of appointment bookings. This is done by phone. Please see the details for booking below.


Contagious Illnesses: If you are symptomatic with any infectious condition (any common cold, flu or even Covid, let us know and stay home. ​​We'll rebook your session.


Initial Consult (60 min) & Standard Hourly Rate: $150​​


Follow-up appointment (30 min)$75


Missed appointment or late cancellation: $50 for a no-show or rebooking with less than 24 hours notice. Please manage your time well.


Virtual and Phone Consults are billed starting at $30 for the first 10 minutes plus $15 for each additional 10-minute time unit or portion thereof.


Other purchases: lab tests, Naturopathic prescriptions, herbal medicine & supplements---prices vary, with applicable taxes.


Insurance Coverage: Most private insurance policies include Naturopathic Medicine. If you have insurance with Naturopathic Medicine coverage, your receipt has all the information you require to submit a claim!

Payment Methods and Terms

Methods: We accept cash, cheque or E-transfer. Please note that no credit or debit services are currently offered.


Terms: full payment is due at the end of each session. Payments not received within 24 hours of the appointment start time are subject to a 5% late penalty. Additional late penalties are applied following the first 48 hours.

Other Clinic Policies

Punctuality: Our clinic runs on time and we do not double book. Occasionally, due to extenuating circumstances, there may be a brief wait. We do our best to respect your time!


Footwear: All outer footwear is left on the shoe racks at the bottom of the stairs at the entrance way. The clinic is located upstairs. Feel free to bring indoor footwear. 


Scent-free: Please refrain from wearing strong scents in the clinic. 

Animals: service animals only. 

How to Book

1. Click the link to download & print the forms you need. They are detailed to gather valuable information to help you. Fill them out accurately.


2. Contact us to set an appointment: 306.525.5027


3. Remember to bring your completed forms to the appointment. This saves time, and you money.

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